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Funky Piano Song Funky Piano Song

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Keep it up!

For a 2nd time, this is a nice one
Ima tell you to keep it up like that specially around the 2min it's rlly gettin funky
I also have some tips for you if you are making a next one
the violins make it a bit classic and that distracts 2 much from the funkyness, try to change some instrumental sounds into other sounds, make another instrument(s) play some riffs through the music
also the drums sounds a lil ... well, like a salsa, try to use rock drums instead ;)
all the other things sound fine, you should make another bridge that is totally different from the chords you use on the piano, and make a quick funky tune in it
well, thats my advise I hope it's usefull for you !

ChrisisD responds:

Thanks for your review and sorry for the late response!! Indeed there are a lot of flaws in this song. I'm not that happy with the drums and with strings, like you said. But it's the second song I ever made... so I kinda moved on to making other songs. I try to experiment with the music I make, so I don't make songs that can be really put in one genre. Hope you take a listen to some other songs as well! These are the reviews I can work with!! Thanks!